New Home! “New” WOW what an exciting word! An amazing feeling is passing by our body when we are finally ready to move in, when we open the door of our brand-new apartment that will host our daily routine for now on!

We also cannot hide that we are impatient to fulfil our new apartment with awesome moments, many personal stuffs as well as furnish it! However, while we are planning all these, we figured out that the new place is a little smaller or our stuff are a little more than expected…


We have listed some solutions for your “spacious” problem:

  1. Review the importance of your personal belongings

Is it the right time for you to freshen up your style, your wardrobe and your life? Take a look at all your clothes, little things that you never used, even furniture that you don’t need but still have it because you don’t want it to be throwed away. You could also give some things to friends or recycle if it’s something you can. Get rid of things that are not necessary!

  1. Furniture with Storage Capabilities is the key

If your budget allow you to replace your old furniture with new one, the better investment you could have is a combination of furniture that will help you “hide your mess” beautifully! Armchairs and Sofas with hidden storage, beds with inbuilt storage space etc. When you have the chance to combine comfort, style and super helpful hidden storages, just dare and do it.

  1. Shelves along the wall could be your best friends

Take advantage of the height of the apartment by placing shelves along the wall! You can always décor in your own special way in shapes, colors and size increasing your storage capacity to 30%.

  1. Little Tips and Tricks

Fool the space of the apartment by using acrylic clear furniture to give the illusion of more space. Embrace the idea of using baskets to organize your magazines, blankets etc. by sticking them under tables, in the kitchen and at empty edges of the wall. Choose to use your space upwords until the ceiling and not outwardly! Turn your bed into a storage space, also use narrow desks. Important is if you choose to use natural colors in your room walls and decor, is making more space to the eye and also the room more airy.


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