Wallpapers has never gone out of style especially of some “old-fashioned” that now are representing the new timeless trends!  If you are one of those people that been hiding or avoiding their already installed wallpapers because it seems impossible to change or you think that gives your home a feel of old dated, we’re now changing your minds! Wallpapers are a nice way to personalize a room, it is also giving life and space into a room.

Here are 5 modern and bold wallpaper trends for a fresh new look:

  1. The storytellers of the space are definitely the painted murals. These wallpapers have the capabilityto communicate and capture moods, themes and aspirations of the room. Hand painted and hand printed murals cover your walls in fine art from floor to ceiling. Some paintings are abstract while others are scenic, but all will transfer you to a world beyond your walls.
  2. Today, modernity is never ending. Modernprints of classic designs are popping up everywhere, whether it’s a contemporized botanical print or a graphic-geometric pattern. Repeated designs can “paint” the wall and can bring a nice sense of movement still in a modern feeling.
  3. Chintz areprinted multicoloured patterns, usually flowers, in a light plain background. When laying traditional schemes, quirky motifs, electric tones or using classic prints and pairing with architecturally modern furniture and nice decor pieces, the result is incredible. That contradiction between cutting-edge and tradition is just so fresh and interesting.
  4. Using beige shades can be also fun, that is, so long as there is real or perceived texture, interactions with light, or even a two-dimensional design. This combowill bring depth to your space without making any noise to the room. Monochromatic repetition of a bolder shading can also stand out beautifully in the space. If you are one of these guys who definitely think that color is all we need, take a look at ombrés, low-contrast marbleized prints, and tonal faux suedes that will bring depth to room without stealing the spotlight.
  5. Watercolor designs are continuing to reignover. Watercolor patterns variations, either over-blown or microprint patterns, give the sense of an artistic, fresh and modern taste. Rich colors, bold brushstrokes and elegance is all about watercolor patterns.
4 Ideas to Maximize the space at your new Apartment!

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