Grand house gardens are without any doubt wonderful, and the green area gives a touch of life to a simple house. They can be pricey to install, hard to maintain when it comes to time and a lot of water is needed to stay alive. A small garden, however, is also as charming and fun to spend time in, but with far less effort. If you already embrace a tiny garden, here are 7 reasons to count your blessings.

  1. Green touch in a City full of grey!

    If you live in the city centre full of buildings but you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, make yourself to outfit it with as much greenery as it can fit. Add real grass or a fake ground cover, garden furnishing, pots with flowers, plant long green plants to give live and volume to the garden.

  1. Effortless dazzling tiny garden

    For a tiny garden, obviously you buy less materials but eventually can give the feeling of a full effort design. This would get lost in a larger space. Decorative stones surrounded by lush perennials and slender white trees, create beautiful sense of the outdoor space. Think of the style of garden you always wanted and consider ways to translate what you love into a small scale.

  2. Perfect size for Beginners

    A tiny garden is ideal for beginners since it forces you to start small and budget less!When you are newborn to this, it’s easier to cover a small amount of ground with things you love, especially when you have limit time to spend. You will be glad you did.

  1. Right Size for Singles (or two)

    When it’s time for your real relaxation, a little corner outdoors can be transformed to the perfect spot to get away and clear your mind. Mini garden especially for your needs, even a tiny patio can feel like a secret garden made just for you. To maximize privacy you could add tall trellises or potted trees to create a green dome.

  2. Illusion of large space

    Add greenery all the way to your little yard so you give the feeling of a larger space than its actual size. That’s the magical thing about plants, they gave an opening effect.

  3. Lush tiny garden

    Layer your garden with plants and flowers with variety of heights for a lush. Climbing plant along the fence or just a trellis, some larger shrubs in the background for space depth and add colourful pots and/ flowers!

  4. Small gardens are simple as that!

    Leaving in an apartment and there is not enough space for a garden? Even a few small pots in pastel colors filled in with plants and flowers can refresh the air. You could always plant herbs and place them on the mantel for a more welcoming home, without a lot of effort of maintenance. Match your plants with your furnishing and that’s all you need!

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