Springtime is such a glorious period during the year. An awakening of the flowers and trees and the end of the cold days. We are preparing you to embrace the season and add some spring touches to your home, so you can shine bright!

  1. Display Fresh Flowers

After the cold winter it’s so refreshing to light up your house with warmer colors, and pretty spring flowers. Fun, colorful and blooming flowers in our yard as well as in the house, stored in a vase and placed on tables and window sills to smell like Spring!

  1. Clean the Cold

Now is the perfect time to clean out all the dirt and grime winter left behind. To scrub the floors, clean the dust from the cabinets and wash the windows to let the sun shine through. To unclutter shelves, tables and countertops. Your home will automatically feel fresher once it’s CLEAN.

  1. Paint Your Life

Since you can finally open your windows and let the fresh air in, paint a wall in a high-contrast color (the brighter the better) or just paint your Front Door. What color do you think you should try?

  1. Play with your Bookshelves

Replace the monotony of your Bookshelves by sorting the books by color and size. Place some books vertically, some horizontally and in patterns. You can also decorate with a floral wrapping paper for an extra touch.

  1. Pastel Your Pillows

An easy and inexpensive way to update your home is to replace your cushion cover with crazy patterns, or monochrome pastel colors like yellow, pink or baby blue.

  1. Revive Your Bedroom

Take away winter sheets and go for cool, silky ones. Change out winter comforters or pillow covers into light-colored sheers and florals.

  1. Fill The Fireplace

Sweep away the ashes of winter fires and go fresh with nature. Fill in the fireplace with plants or an arrangement of candles!

  1. Play with Punches of Yellow

Nothing more “spring” than the yellow color. Lemons can be used to accessory your kitchen but also give you flavors to your cooking! A large white bowl full of lemons or a pot of yellow daffodils can do that same!

  1. Smell the Spring!

Since it’s now starting to look like spring inside – make it smell that way too! Fulfil your house with spring scents, different to each room. A combo of essential oils like lavender and grapefruit can calm your spirit!

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5 Wallpaper Prints That Are Always In Style!

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