The naturally attractive island of Cyprus is a cosmopolitan destination in Europe that could offer to businesses and single entities, plenty sectors of opportunities for investment!

Cyprus is highly recommended as tourism attraction for anyone who is seeking the absolute sunny holidays, as well as a successful future for business.  Expanding or relocating your company in Cyprus such as buying a new Property, would be a profitable investment for you since the island is significant growing to a top investment fund centre in Europe, ensuring security and unique access to European markets with fast growing!

Island of Cyprus is your perfect choice for a purchase of a second house to a foreign country or for the general investment you are about to make. Many foreign investors have placed Cyprus to the top investment destinations not only for the luxury living and for its natural sunshine and beauty but also due to its economy, for the highly growth of Real Estate Sector and Construction Development. Huge skyscrapers, remarkable buildings, villas and houses are now describing some of Cyprus’s areas in coastal cities such as Limassol, Paphos and Agia Napa.

Furthermore, Cyprus comparatively to countries in Europe has one of the lowest tax rates where it reaches 12.5%. The key point in Cyprus is the Tax Regime. There is an exemption in dividend income due to the conditions of the country that are pretty loosen and also exemption to Capital gains tax. There are very low taxes for immovable property and moreover start-up companies’ investments have tax deductions.

Cyprus Investment Programme

The low labor costs and offices rentals are playing major role to anyone who want to make an investment in this country, because in comparison to other European capitals are quite lower. There are also services that support the business critically and as a result people are establishing and running their businesses in a procedure that can be done fast in time and simple. The majority of Cypriot residents have at their disposal a tertiary level degree and they are able to communicate and operate in English since Businesses are working in such a way. The workforce at companies in Cyprus are characterized as ones of the youngest in the Europe.

Some of the recognitions the country has are:

  •         Nice Climate
  •         Safety Living
  •         Included in top retirement destinations Globally
  •         Fast growing Economy and Lifestyle
  •         Blue Flag Beaches

We should not forget to mention the geostrategic position that the country has. It is located in such a place that it is a crossroads of three continents.

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