Every property or every land gain its value from individual factors that make it unique or more valuable. In the case of potential land buyers in Cyprus, there are some specific factors that have to be considered in order to understand the property that is planning to buy and its details that have to be carefully examined. These factors can be the location of the property, the exact value of the property and how much increase in value will the property gain in the future. Moreover, there are some major details that have to be also considered seriously on purchasing any property or land in Cyprus. One of the most important details that a future buyer should consider is to first find out if the seller of the land is the actual owner and if the requested land has multiple owners in order to avoid future mistakes on purchasing a fake land or a different location as agreed.

In a case when the land is owned from many sharers the future buyer has to clarify that all of the sharers agreed on selling the particular piece of land that was agreed on the title deed. It is important to research the topography and the title deeds of the land as sometimes there are some mistakes on measuring the boundaries and the shape of the land. This may lead to disagreements with any owner next to the plot or the land. If for example, your neighbour disagrees about a wall or fence there are some precautions that can be taken to avoid possible disagreements. The best solution in this situation is to hire a registered land surveyor in order to determine the property boundaries.

The importance of topography research is that sometimes a piece of land can be only utilized for agricultural purposes and not for property development. If a piece of land has been registered as agricultural there are some specific actions that have to be taken in order to turn it into a residential plot such as provision for electricity and water supply, road and pavement access, also the permitted building density of the specific piece of land.

15 Reasons to Buy Property in Cyprus
15 Reasons to Buy Property in Cyprus

A good advice we can suggest is to visit the Cypriot Land Registry website and find out more information about the piece of property and its documents. Through the website, you can examine if the information given by the owner match with the information and the demands of the buyer. If not, the problem can be solved by an appointment with land surveyors which will specify exactly what are the meters and boundaries of each land.

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