With more sunny hours and warmer temperatures, April is a fabulous time to refresh the home inside and out. Make sure you will have sparkling windows, a clean garage and an organized garden.

Here are 10 things you can follow:

  1. 1.Watch out for Having warmer weather (really soon) and longer days means that we’re entering mosquito season. Be preventive by regularly checking your house for standing water. Any open containers like empty flowerpots can become mosquito reproduction grounds when filled with rainwater, so you better store items like these upside down or away from rain.
  2. Clean outthebins. Take empty bins outside and spray them with a cleaning spray of your choice. Let the cans sit for a few minutes before scrubbing them, after rinse and let them dry upside down.
  3. Keep the necessary things. Create more space in your home by throwing out unloved items. – Read more ideas for creating more space – If you have a lot of furniture to get rid of, contact a local charity to schedule a pickup. If you have a lot of one type of item (books or baby clothes), look for a second hand shop where you could sell them.
  4. Schedule cooling-system maintenance. Schedule an air conditioning maintenance before summer as a properly maintained system cools better, uses less energy and lasts longer!
  5. Wash the windows. Let the spring sunshine get through your windows by clearing dirt and grime from them inside –  Also don’t forget to clear the windows frame.
  6. Clean out the garage. Can you park your car in your garage? If not it may be time to make some more space. Once your garage is cleaned out, you could add storage furniture to keep things organized.
  7. Clean out the spouts.An important task is to have your home’s spouts cleaned and repaired if necessary. Choked up gutters during a rainy spring can cause water accumulation and may damage the roof.
  8. Make an attractive external area.Upgrade the external area of your home with small changes, like new shiny mailbox. If you’re planning to put your house on the market this spring, by making the external looks attractive as viewed from the street, can attract potential buyers.
  9. Maintain woodwork.Paint or re-seal your outdoor woodwork, check and repair the gates, fencing, decks, pergolas and anything outdoors as needed.
  10. Keep an eye for termites. From now through May or June, watch out for termites. If you notice any, call a professional company to take care of them.


9 Fresh Tips To Decor Your Home For Spring!
9 Fresh Tips To Decor Your Home For Spring!

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