In this Law-

  “adverse possession,” with its grammatical variations and cognate expressions, means a possession by a person not entitles thereto where the express or implied consent or permission of the person so entitles has not been given or obtained for such possession;

  “the Court”, in connection with ant matter relating to immovable property, means the District Court of the district in which such property is situate;

  “Director” means the Director of Lands and Surveys and includes any officer appointed by the Director for all or any of the purposes of this Law either generally or for any particular purpose;

  “dealing”, with is grammatical variations and cognate expressions, in relation to immovable property, means the voluntary transfer or mortgage of immovable property and any other voluntary charge or transaction affecting immovable property requires by any Law in force for the time being to be carried out in a District Lands Office;

“immovable property” includes-

  1. Land;
  2. Buildings and other erections, structures or fixtures affixed to any land or to any building or other erection or structure;
  3. Trees, vines, and any other thing whatsoever planted or growing upon any land and any produce thereof before severance;
  4.  Springs, wells, water and water rights whether held together with, or independently of, any land;
  5.  Privileges, liberties, easements and any other right and advantages whatsoever appertaining or reputed to appertain to any land or to any building or other erection or structure:
  6.  An undivided share in any property herein-before set out.

  “District Lands Office” means the office of the Department of Lands and Surveys for the district and includes any sub-office in the district:

Provided that only such transactions shall be carried out in a sub-office as may be authorized from time to time by the Director;

  “owner” means the person entitled to be registered as the owner of any immovable property whether he is so registered or not;

  “public road” means ant street, square, pathway, open place or space over which the public has a right of way and includes any land set apart by, or with the consent of, the appropriate authority as a public road;

  “registered”, with its grammatical variations and cognate expressions, means recorded in the Land Register kept under the provisions of this Law;

  “registration fee” means the fee payable in respect of the registration of title to immovable property under any Law in force for the time being;

  “religious corporation” includes any religious establishment or religious institution belonging to any denomination and any throne, church, chapel, monastery, mosque, tekye, shrine or synagogue;

  “value”, in connection with immovable property, means the amount which the immovable property if sold in the open market by a willing seller to a willing purchaser might be expected to realize.


Source: Immovable Property Law –  Cap 224 (Article 2)

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