Whether you’re setting up your kitchen for the first time, reordering or you just want to keep it simple by keeping the minimum must tools, we are here to suggest you the Starter Pack of a decent cook that loves himself.

  1. Cooking pot:

    A huge cooking pot is a must for boiling pasta, soups and generally handling big-batch serves. Choose a stainless-steel pot with cool handles, in a large size, anyway a high-quality pot is easier not to burn its bottom!

  2. Saucepan:

    A stainless-steel saucepan is the master of the kitchen, suitable for cooking rice, vegetables, sauces etc. It is better to choose a heavy, stainless-steel version with a lid and a cool handle. A high-quality saucepan cooks more evenly and can last for decades if you take care of it.

  3. Wooden spoon:

    A wooden spoon (or a couple of) is a necessary kitchen tool as It’s useful for stirring, tasting and blending. Important note is that you don’t have to worry about scratching your pot/pan. Note that your sauce won’t bother if you bought the wooden spoon at a Kitchen Bazaar or a high-end kitchen shop.

  4. Skillet:

    Perfect for searing steak, frying and even baking. If you’re going to buy just one skillet, you better go for a 25 cm iron version. It’s pocket-friendly, heat-resistant, non stick once it’s well seasoned and it can actually last. For your possible second pan choose a stainless steel one, or just get a bigger (or smaller) version of the same.

  5. Dutch oven:

    This heavy pot have been loved from the cooks because it retains heat extremely well. It ends up on the table with ease and can braise and cook from soups to a whole roast chicken or a roll of bread.

  6. Mixing bowls:

    Lightweight stainless-steel mixing bowls are useful for the preparation of the food and for mixing. Make sure you purchase an actual set made from stainless steel and not aluminium, which may affect your ingredients and be sure that you will have them for a long time.

  7. Colander:

    A huge strainer with big holes, called colander, can handle everything from straining pasta to washing fruits. You can also find it useful as a fruit bowl on your table.

  8. Cutting board:

    The question is..wood or plastic? Wood is easier to cut but apparently more difficult to sanitize. Plastic can wear your knives faster and inside the cut marks, you will welcome the bacteria. The important thing is to keep the food safety. Have one cutting board especially for the meat and sanitize it in each use.

  9. Sheet pan:

    A sheet pan, baking tray or baking sheet is a metal pan used in an over for cookies, for roasting veggies, chicken etc. Aluminium is most used than a non-stick because it heats and cools quickly, can protect fragile products from burning and can handle higher temperatures. There’s no need to spend much money on a sheet pan, but sure avoid pans that are really thin.

  10. Baking dish:

    Glass or ceramic baking dish is appropriate for baking all sorts of side dishes, baked pastas and even cake. For a second baking dish, purchase a larger size for bigger gatherings.

  11. Whisk:

    Whisk is often used for preparing cakes. For beating eggs, whipping cream and mixing batters. A medium-size metal whisk is preferable for maximum versatility.

  12. Vegetable peeler:

    A strong, sharp vegetable peeler will help you done quickly the peeling of the carrots and potatoes. Apart from making long strips of veggies for salads, it is also handy for making chocolate shavings.

  13. Grater:

    A multi-sided grater with several choices of hole size, works equally well for grating a big block of cheddar or finely shredding parmesan.


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Home Checklist: April’s To-Do List

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